Disclaimer: The display and use of law enforcement agency logos, names, and other materials on this web page may not imply direct endorsement by the respective agencies. The inclusion of these materials is intended for informational purposes and to highlight their participation in VET-TO-LEO’s initiative, and their inclusion does not indicate any financial or official partnership with VET-TO-LEO unless otherwise specified or subscribed.

Director's Message

Welcome to the Participating Agencies Page

“You don’t have to be actively hiring to be featured as a Participating Agency. As representatives of this initiative, we take pride in showcasing law enforcement agencies that exemplify our commitment to recruiting, hiring, developing, and promoting veterans. These agencies embody the highest standards of professionalism and dedication to public service. It is our privilege to introduce these agencies that offer opportunities to all aspiring law enforcement professionals. If you represent a law enforcement agency that would like to become a participating agency, I welcome you to join the armed forces veteran to law enforcement officer employment initiative of VET-TO-LEO. It is completely free to be featured on this page and to join VET-TO-LEO as a Participating Agency.”

- Jorge

Participating Agencies

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