National Outreach to the Armed Forces Community

VET-TO-LEO places a focus on the 4 pillars of the armed forces community. We actively conduct outreach to transitioning personnel leaving active duty service, active National Guard and reserve component personnel, and honorably-separated armed forces veterans. By joining forces with us, you place your agency front & center to the men & women who have served their country, and are ready for the next phase of their life, serving their communities.

Transitioning from Active Duty
National Guard
Reserve Component
Honorably-Separated Veterans

Become a Participating Agency Today!

Not only is it FREE! You will also be seen by veterans stationed all over the world, and recognized for your commitment to recruiting and hiring some of the best-qualified candidates the nation offers! To sign up as a Participating Agency, please scroll down and select the option to sign up.

Agencies in our Network

Next-Level Recruitment

Becoming a Participating Agency is only the first step, and many have joined us in our effort to bring more veterans to law enforcement. VET-TO-LEO offers law enforcement agencies another viable option that allows them to expand their reach to the armed forces community.

The men and women of the armed forces are some of the highest-caliber people our nation has to offer. Your agency can have targeted outreach to veterans starting now!

Are you an agency with one continuous announcement that you want to feature? Does your agency have multiple continuous openings? If so, we have a great option for law enforcement agencies to feature their agency information, and their open positions within an agency profile!

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Interacting with Agency Profiles

Below is a Sample of how an agency profile is put together, and the information that your agency can feature on it. These agency profiles are published to a national directory, narrowed down to the state your agency is located in.

Details Included in your Agency Profile

  • Display your agency's insignia or logo
  • Details of your law enforcement agency
  • Display your agency recruiter's information
  • Provide a link to your employment page
  • Feature all of your open positions
  • Types of career opportunities available to veterans
  • Location of your agency

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