“Our thousand-meter target is to be the most impactful, purpose-driven, veteran-to-law enforcement employment initiatives the country has ever seen. We are ready to help bring more veterans to law enforcement.”

If you’re looking for direct access – you’re in the right place! VET-TO-LEO is a centralized information center for veterans who are participating in a transition assistance program, members of the National Guard and Reserves, or even those who have been out of the service for a while, to easily find law enforcement agencies who are committed to hiring them. We also centralized the programs for self-sponsoring as a non-affiliated recruit into an academy, to better your chances of being hired.

Prospects & Candidates
As a Veteran, you are eligible for free resume assistance with VET-TO-LEO, to help you prepare for the application process and provide your best foot forward. Once your resume is complete, we will even forward your resume to up to 3 law enforcement agencies of your choice! Contact us to get started!
Law Enforcement Agencies
We are proud to provide a platform for law enforcement agencies to feature their jobs, connect with Veterans and service members stationed all over the world. Our aim is to give back to those who have dedicated their lives to upholding the values of the profession. Join us in our efforts to bring more Veterans to Law Enforcement.
Colleges & Universities
Equipped with tuition assistance or Post 9/11 G.I. Bill benefits, our Veterans have access to incredible education incentives. We welcome colleges and universities to feature academic programs related to public safety, to apply for sponsorship placement. Join us today to connect Veterans to a rewarding education.

Special Assignments in Law Enforcement

Special assignments in law enforcement encompass a wide range of roles and responsibilities that go beyond the traditional duties of patrol. These assignments are often specialized and require additional training, skills, and expertise. Generally after 2-5 years of service in an agency, these opportunities will open up and become available to professionals that wish to further develop their careers. Examples of special assignments include SWAT teams, K-9 units, narcotics and vice investigations, cybercrime units, community policing initiatives, and crisis negotiation teams. Officers selected for these assignments undergo rigorous training to handle unique challenges and situations effectively. Special assignments not only enhance the capabilities of law enforcement agencies but also play a crucial role in addressing specific crime trends, protecting communities, and fostering positive relationships with the public.

Bringing your Best to the Moment

When you join the armed forces, you are joining a winning team. When it comes time to move onto the next chapter in your life, you may find yourself gravitating towards what you know. The uniform might come off, but the desire to be a part of a winning team and be a part of something important will always be a part of who you are. Now, you’re ready for what comes next. Use the intangibles you’ve developed and bring them to an agency where you will make a difference.